2701, 2023

Early Chinese New Year impacts global demand | WorldACD

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This year’s early Lunar New Year has interrupted air cargo’s normal January recovery, with falling tonnages to and from China and Hong Kong pulling down overall worldwide volumes into a mid-month deficit. In the third full week of January 2023, global air cargo tonnages fell back into a slight decline, following the delayed post-holiday upswing that WorldACD reported last week. [...]

2001, 2023

Delayed post-holiday recovery in demand | WorldACD

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Global air cargo tonnages have shown a strong post-holiday season recovery in the second week of 2023. This upswing is delayed compared with last year, when tonnages had already begun to recover by the end of the first week. However, when combining the first two weeks of 2023, the recovery is similar in magnitude to last year, the latest preliminary [...]

1901, 2023

New year and ‘new broom’ Sondag makes sweeping changes at Schiphol | The Loadstar

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There are movements at Schiphol – but not so much cargo movements (down 14% volume-wise in 2022, year on year), as people. Anne Marie van Hemert, director of aviation business development and head of cargo, is to step down in February in what appears to be a surprising and rather sudden move, after more than 14 years at the airport. [...]

1901, 2023

Joost van Doesburg Head of Cargo Royal Schiphol Group

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Joost van Doesburg wordt vanaf maart 2023 Head of Cargo bij Royal Schiphol Group. Hij volgt Anne Marie van Hemert op, die haar carrière per februari buiten Royal Schiphol Group zal voortzetten. Zijn aanstelling is in lijn met de wens van Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN) om een toegewijde en in de Schiphol-organisatie stevig gepositioneerd Head of Cargo aan te stellen. Van [...]

1301, 2023

No upswing in demand at the start of 2023 | WorldACD

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Global air cargo tonnages have shown no sign yet of a post-holiday season recovery, whereas last year there was already an upswing by the end of the first week, the latest preliminary figures from WorldACD Market Data indicate, consistent with a continued softening of market conditions. Figures for week 1 (2 to 8 January) show worldwide tonnages to be [...]

501, 2023

Air cargo 2022: What went right and what went wrong | Freight Waves

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Turbulence characterized the air cargo industry in 2022 for the third consecutive year. The easing of COVID conditions in most of the world was positive for reopening trade, but the recovery wasn’t always smooth for airlines, airports and aircraft manufacturers. China continued to maintain a series of lockdowns that constrained air traffic. The biggest shock to the system was Russia’s [...]

501, 2023

A ‘glass half full’ for all air cargo stakeholders as 2022 bows out with less demand and lower rates | ACW

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A turbulent 2022 for the global air cargo market ended in December with a ‘win/win’ outcome for airlines, forwarders and shippers as chargeable weight fell -8% on a year ago and the general airfreight spot rate registered its largest year-on-year decline of 35%, but overall average rates remained 75% above the pre-covid level, according to weekly market analysis by CLIVE [...]

501, 2023

CLIVE: Dig deeper for true air cargo market picture | aircargo news

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The air cargo industry is holding its own given the economic pressures it faced last year and despite a consistent drop in demand. According to the latest industry analysis by Xeneta-owned CLIVE Data Services, in December, chargeable weight fell 8% year on year and the general airfreight spot rate registered its largest year on year decline of 35%. Capacity in [...]

2212, 2022

2023 to bring further pax recovery but softer cargo | IATA

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Although this rebalancing of airline revenue was to be expected, it is noteworthy that cargo revenue in 2023 will still be around 50% higher than the level seen in 2019 – highlighting the ongoing important role played by the cargo sector in the post-pandemic industry and economic recovery. Click here to read the full chart

2212, 2022

Menzies praised as it ‘puts its hands up’ to problems at Schiphol | The Loadstar

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Menzies has been commended for communicating with the community at Schiphol Airport, where it is facing delays and queues owing to a lack of staff. The handler has had to bring in new measures to try to reduce queues at its station at the Netherlands airport. “It is only Menzies with difficulties,” said Maarten van As, MD of Air Cargo [...]

112, 2022

Cargo interests work to block Amsterdam airport flight reductions | FreightWaves

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Air cargo interests and the operator of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are pushing back against a proposal by the Netherlands government to further protect local residents from noise and emissions by reducing flight activity. The government’s legislative plan announced last summer, and now scheduled to go into effect at the end of 2024, would reduce the maximum number of slots available [...]

2911, 2022

Schiphol awaits results of EU slot consultation as MAA bans older widebodies | The Loadstar

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Just as the slot argument in the EU reaches new heights, Maastricht Airport (MAA) is set to ban older 747s and MD-11s, a move that will hit freighter operators. The ban is expected to come into effect in April, and will see 747-200s prohibited from using the airport, which has sometimes been used as an air cargo overflow for Schiphol. [...]

1711, 2022

Seabury highlights a mixed picture for air cargo

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While the air cargo industry faces dark clouds there are reasons to stay positive, according to Accenture’s Seabury Cargo. Speaking at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum, the consultant’s commercial manager Sander Schuringa highlighted the current headwinds facing the air cargo sector. He pointed to air cargo demand being around 5% down year on year in August; the transatlantic supply ratio [...]

911, 2022

Industry and politics squabble over Schiphol cargo slots |

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The cargo slots issue at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is gaining prominence among politicians. Convincing them of the need for a well-defined approach is yet another matter, says Managing Director, Maarten van As of Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN). The fact that the issue has caught the attention of the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer), is due to intensive lobbying by ACN, [...]

911, 2022

Aerospace industry in Amsterdam | I amsterdam

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What makes the Amsterdam Area a great place for aerospace companies? Boeing, GE Aviation, Embraer, Bell, and Gulfstream Aerospace are among the international giants that have set up operations near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It’s from here - the world’s second best-connected airport and Europe’s third largest for both passengers and cargo – that they can connect people, products and parts [...]

711, 2022

Air Cargo Demand Softens in September | IATA

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  The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released data for September 2022 global air cargo markets showing that air cargo demand softened. Global demand, measured in cargo tonne-kilometers (CTKs*), fell 10.6% compared to September 2021 (-10.6% also for international operations), but continued to track at near pre-pandemic levels (-3.6%). Capacity was 2.4% above September 2021 (+5.0% for international operations) but [...]

311, 2022

Airfreight peak season looking unlikely as demand falls again | Air Cargo News

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Air cargo volumes declined 8% year on year in October – the eighth consecutive month of decline – and the outlook is equally downbeat. According to Xeneta-owned CLIVE Data Services the market outlook “remains uncertain” and there is also nothing to indicate an upturn next year from its weekly market data. There is  “no indication there will be a peak” [...]

2610, 2022

Not yet signed-up to the FIATA Digital Lab? Here’s how!

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Don't miss your chance to take part in the FIATA Digital Lab! FIATA Digital Lab – embark on the digital journey! Sign-up to secure your place! Not yet heard about the new FIATA Digital Lab? Keep reading! As the digitalisation of the logistics industry accelerates, every day new technology start-ups pop-up and it's not always easy to stay up to date [...]

2610, 2022

Revised EC Regulation 95/93 effective as of W22 | SlotCoordination

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26 October 2022, the Delegated Regulation, providing for a temporary modification of the use-it or lose-it rule at EU airports covering the entire IATA W22 season starting 30 October 2022 until and including 25 March 2023 will formally enter into force following that of its publication in the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union of today, 25 October 2022. Historic [...]

2110, 2022

Ruud Sondag appointed interim CEO of Royal Schiphol Group | Schiphol

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Ruud Sondag will be Royal Schiphol Group's new CEO from 1 November 2022. The Supervisory Board appointed him ad interim until 31 August 2023. He forms Schiphol Group's management team together with Robert Carsouw (Chief Financial Officer, CFO) and Hanne Buis (Chief Operating Officer, COO). The procedure to find a definitive successor was started by the supervisory board immediately after Dick [...]