Paperless Goods Tracking System

Great advantages in storing and transportation – Supervision remains necessary

Between the first and second line sheds at Schiphol there’s much transport of cargo under customs supervision. This can be done without the traditional customs procedures (Transport Declarations / T1 documents, ATA-carnets) via the Paperless Goods Tracking System (PGTS). This new systems (which replaced the previous DGVS in Q2, 2019) offers great advantages in transportation, but ​​supervision by Customs remains necessary.

Since the arrival of the EU Customs Code (UCC) in 2016, all goods are stored under the Temporary Storage status. All on-airport transport can be done under this status as well, provided that all movements are filed in, and monitored by the PGTS. Any discrepancies are reported to Dutch customs for investigation.

ACN manages this system on behalf of the participating ground handling agents, freight forwarders and trucking companies. Cargonaut takes care of the technique and the daily support (Help desk).

The new PGTS-system is no longer limited to the airport area or to air cargo (as was the case with the old DGVS). In line with the UCC, all movements of customs goods within The Netherlands can move freely between PGTS-participants, provided that they are monitored by the PGTS and discrepancies are reported to Dutch customs. This could even be expanded to other EU member states…

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