A new report into life sciences and health logistics highlights the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s role as a leading player in the field and offers recommendations to ensure it safeguards this position.

Ever since the invention of the microscope in the 17th century, the Netherlands has supported a long and honourable record of innovation in life sciences and health (LSH). According to the report, expenditure in R&D in the sector is now at €2 billion per year and the Netherlands is ideally located to share LSH products and services with the global market. Some 95% of Europe’s most attractive markets are within 24 hours’ reach of the Amsterdam Area by air, road, water or rail. Highly advanced physical and digital infrastructure along with a well-developed transport sector underpin Amsterdam’s leading role as a logistics hub for LSH. In 2018, the sector saw exports worth €59 billion, with the Netherlands taking the number 1 spot in Europe for the import and export of medical technology.

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