While the air cargo industry faces dark clouds there are reasons to stay positive, according to Accenture’s Seabury Cargo.

Speaking at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum, the consultant’s commercial manager Sander Schuringa highlighted the current headwinds facing the air cargo sector.

He pointed to air cargo demand being around 5% down year on year in August; the transatlantic supply ratio dropping back to 2019 levels with yields declining; US air trade showing signs of decreasing, continuing lockdowns and bottlenecks in China; and the impact of economic headwinds on air cargo.

Schuringa highlighted that in August demand was down year on year on most major trade lanes: volumes were down 15% from Asia to North America, down 6% from Asia to South America, down 15% intra-Asia and 9% behind from Asia to Europe, he said.

The only major trade lane showing year on year growth in August was the transatlantic where demand is up 10% to North America and 3% to Europe.

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