Air Cargo Netherlands chairman, Ivo Aris, is frustrated about the inertia governing Schiphol’s air cargo policy, compared to the Dutch seaports and the initiatives taken by the airports in neighboring countries serving the same catchment area. The community supports his criticism.

Mr. Aris exposed his views in a column in the leading logistics trade paper, Nieuwsblad Transport. According to Mr Aris, the seaports know very well how to sketch out their future vision. He points out that, for airports too, cargo is important since it enhances their network quality as evidenced throughout the pandemic.

Schiphol (SPL) has been one of the most important air cargo hubs in Europe, having Frankfurt, Brussels, London and Paris as its main competitors. But in the cargo segment, the airport has been going through stormy weather for years,” he criticizes.

He adds that, even before the corona crisis, the cargo figures at SPL were dropping dramatically due to the unavailability of slots. A sound combination of freighter flights and belly capacity is imperative, Mr Aris maintains. “If large international players leave Schiphol, our national airport may change from a cargo hub into an offline cargo station, with high-value logistics services departing to neighboring airports.”

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