Schiphol, FNV and CNV reached a unique and ambitious joint agreement today regarding better terms and conditions of employment. This agreement will ensure that Schiphol is an attractive place to work in a tight labour market. It also marks the implementation of an important line of action from the Summer 2022 Action Plan. The trade unions are presenting the agreement to their members with a positive opinion. 

Terms of employment 
Employees working in security, cleaning, PRM (providing assistance to passengers with reduced mobility), ground handling (check-in, baggage and apron) and private bus transport will get a summer supplement of € 5.25 gross per hour worked as of today, 1 June 2022. This supplement applies until Monday 5 September 2022 and applies retroactively to the two-week May holiday.

Furthermore, security, cleaning, PRM and private bus transport staff will receive a so-called ‘Schiphol Labour Market Supplement’ of € 1.40 gross per hour worked as of 1 September 2022. This supplement will continue until 1 September 2023. In addition to improved terms of employment, Schiphol has also said that employees covered by the agreement should not incur costs working at the airport and that commuting should be fully reimbursed (public transport).

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