Last week, following three pre-consultation meetings, it became known that Schiphol intends to substantially increase the airport charges for 2022-2025 (by 40%) to compensate for income missed during the corona period. Schiphol indicated that its costs continued as usual throughout the corona period.

Whilst we understand the difficult position the airport finds itself in, we feel it inappropriate to lay the pain in this way predominantly with the aviation industry which was also hit extremely hard during the corona crisis. We are calling for a reasonable approach. This very substantial increase in charges could endanger Schiphol’s position as a leading (cargo) hub. The proposed increase in charges will apply to both passenger aircraft (and thus belly freight) and full freighters.

An additional pre-consultation will be held on Tuesday next week and then on Thursday, 30 September, the formal consultation will take place at which Schiphol will formalise its plans. ACN will be attending but we call upon all airlines to participate and to make their objections known. Schiphol has sent invitations to airlines.

After next week we will plan possible follow-up action. In this regard ACN is in discussion with BARIN and we would like to thank our colleagues at BARIN for their very active commitment to this painful case.

Maarten van As, Managing Director ACN