eLink supports and improves the export acceptance process. With eLink you can monitor the complete process of your shipment before, during and after acceptance and steer accordingly. eLink provided the opportunity to deliver shipments without an ACN receipt and to drive immediately to the dock and skip the documentation office when the shipments meet the determined conditions. Watch the video below about eLink.

eLink in 90 seconds

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What is eLink?

eLink is an efficient tool to support the transfer and compliance control of outbound shipments at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

eLink was setup to optimize and harmonize the cargo processes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  The ultimate objective is to accelerate the handling process and reduce the turnaround time of both inward and outbound freight.

Benefits of eLink

      • More reliable transit processes
      • Less paper handling and less staff needed at the front desk of the handling agent
      • Less waiting time for the trucker
      • Reliable organisation of forwarding processes
      • Confidence that transit consignments can be implemented without interruption
      • Indirectly benefits for e-Freight & eLink:
      • Possibilities for further reductions in processing time
      • Spreading peaks by joint planning


eLink benefits per ground handler

dnata KLM Cargo Menzies Skylink Swissport WFS
eLink acceptance
Priority handling at service desk
eFastlane (paperless only)
Delivery without ACN receipt

The use of eLink differs per ground handling agent. At WFS for instance, it is possible to deliver shipments without an ACN receipt. This only requires a notification to WFS. The concept eFast delivery of KLM Cargo is also available for everyone when the shipments are Ready-for-Take-in,  Aviation Secure and Paperless. This allows truck drivers to immediately drive towards the assigned dock instead of passing by the service desk first. You can  read more about this below.

eFast delivery in eLink

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, in cooperation with Rhenus  and Cargonaut, have successfully launched e-Fast Delivery (a unique concept simplifying the delivery process of cargo).  The new system is based on eLink and the ACN-pass.

  • Since 13 May truck drivers are able to directly take cargo to the door of the dock without first having to visit the documentation counter. The new system automatically sends a message to the WMS system. The handling agent then checks:
  • is the consignment ready for dispatch (RFC);
  • is the consignment safe;
  • is the consignment paperless.

eLink in practice

Bob Tisserand, Blue Water Shipping

Bob Tisserand

Bob Tisserand, Office Manager at Blue Water Shipping, is a great supporter of digitalisation of logistical processes. Therefore he started his own initiative in 2012. “I thought that eLink was a logical continuation of the eFreight@NL project. If you tackle and improve the entire process, than it becomes really useful. In this way, I am always looking to the future.”

Read the full case here

Bouke Laan, A. Hartrodt


Bouke Laan sees new developments as a challenge. The a. hartrodt General Manager along with Ineke van Nimwegen of Transport Handling Service (THS) started an eLink pilot in 2012. Laan explains: “As a smaller player in air freight I think it is important to participate and think

along with others and therefore have a voice in the development of new products and process improvements at Schiphol”.

Read the full case here

Richard Visser, Rhenus

Richard Visser

“Paperless work requires new processes and an ‘awareness’ that comes with this: re-organising systems and taking full the future into account. You must keep up with change so that you remain attractive for the customer. Standing still is actually going backwards” according to Richard Visser, project manager at Rhenus Logistics

Read the full case here


Rob Middelkoop, D.J.Middelkoop & Zn. Nieuw-Vennep B.V

eLInk Middelkoop

Transporter and logistical service provider D. J. Middelkoop & Zn. likes to look forward and is excited about new challenges. The company has made its name with logistics since 1932. Middelkoop started with eLink after the summer of 2013. It proved to be a logical step.

Read the full case here


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