For more than 30 years, Cargonaut has been working to make cargo processes run more smoothly at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. And, since 2020, Schiphol has been the proud owner of Cargonaut. Now, Cargonaut is doing a massive overhaul of its Port Community System (PCS) platform, to ensure that it can continue to support digital innovation that keeps cargo flowing through Schiphol. We spoke to Jeroen Benda, Director of IT at Cargonaut, to find out more.

The power of the Port Community System

PCS enables every member of the air cargo chain – from forwarders to handlers to truckers to airlines – to accelerate and streamline their movements in, at and through Schiphol. Cargonaut’s powerful and robust PCS platform allows parties to digitally track movements through the entire process, expedite customs clearance, and more. ‘PCS digitally manages any shipment through Schiphol from start to finish. When a forwarder sends us a message through PCS about a movement, we connect that shipment to the handlers in the destination company, alert customs about its arrival, and connect all the points of the chain,’ Jeroen explains. ‘This saves forwarders time and energy, and helps minimise delays at every step in the process.’

Stepping into the future

Now, PCS is going through a major upgrade. Although the system is still working effectively and efficiently now, Jeroen says that Cargonaut and Schiphol have their eyes on the future. ‘Our aim is to make the platform even simpler, faster and more effective. Cargo partners work together under the umbrella of Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN) and in the Smart Cargo Mainport Program on a smarter cargo flow. We are working to support the industry with a 100% pre-announced export process, with which handlers can announce their arrival ahead of time, and need to only swipe an ID card to process their shipments at Schiphol, from the air waybill and slot booking to dock booking to customs entry declarations. A complete, end-to-end, fully digital system,’ Jeroen explains. ‘This will save an incredible amount of time. We also want to work with the industry to enable a similar system for importing.’

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