Welcome at ACN

ACN is the Air Cargo Industry Association in the Netherlands. ACN’s primary goal is to develop the Dutch air cargo industry in the broadest possible way.

ACN contributes to the development of air cargo by supporting such as Milkrun, eLink and e-Freight, but also participating in and supporting educational projects.

ACN members receive services such as the ACN pass, discounts and the possibility of advertising job vacancies via the ACN website.

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Our mission is to link the various parties active in the air cargo sector in the Netherlands in order to strengthen the sector’s market position.

Our vision is to optimize development of value-added, innovative activities throughout the air cargo chain primarily focusing on the air cargo industry at Schiphol and its regional partners.

Bringing together all the parties in the air cargo sector allows steps to be taken in a unique way.  A unique situation is created not only by ACN’s own initiatives but especially by support for initiatives from the market.

Meet our team

Maarten van As
Maarten van AsManaging Director
Maarten van As is Managing Director of Air Cargo Netherlands and responsible for the day-to-day running and the course of the chain-wide trade association. In addition, he focuses on policy files on air freight, advocacy and contacts with external parties.

“Our competitive position compared to other airports is under pressure. We must therefore continue to focus fully on our ambition to be the best integrated air freight community in Europe. “

Petra ten Bookum
Petra ten BookumSecretariat Assistent
Petra issues ACN passes, administers the distribution of forms and facilitates meetings and events.
Aniek Dubbelboer
Aniek DubbelboerManager General Affairs
Aniek is Manager General Affairs. She is engaged in ACN’s general operations as well as projects in the field of security and education. She is also Air Freight Security Advisor. In addition, Aniek is board member of the ‘Waarschuwingsregister Logistieke Sector (WLS) and deputy board member of the Aviation Sector.
Leo de Haas
Leo de HaasAccount Manager Airlines
Within ACN Leo is the first point of contact for the Airlines. Leo is the connecting factor between the Dutch air cargo sector and IATA in Madrid and Geneva. He also performs site inspections in the Netherlands on behalf of IATA. Leo is the driving force behind the annual ACN football tournament and Schiphol Air Cargo Golf Tournament
Sharina van Hartevelt
Sharina van HarteveltAllround administrative officer
Sharina is responsible for the daily general administration of ACN.
Lilian Groen
Lilian GroenAdministrative assistant
Lilian provides full accounting, administrative and billing services for ACN together with an external bookkeeper. She is responsible for the ACN Membership database and the SmartLoxs system.