Over the course of the last few months, we have been going through a major restructuring of our organisation and we have merged various departments. The direct contacts for airlines and partners at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be managed through the newly formed department of Aviation Business Development (ABD), which is part of Airport Operations and Aviation Partnerships (AOAP). As communicated earlier, Patricia Vitalis will lead the Airport Operations and Aviation Partnerships organisation.

Aviation Business Development (ABD) will be headed by Anne Marie van Hemert and consists of three major departments:
1. Airline & Cargo Partnerships (ACP)
2. Forecasting, Analysis & Capacity Management (FACT)
3. Cargonaut (CGN)

The direct contacts with the airlines and partners will be with the Airline & Cargo Partnerships team. The Airline & Cargo Partnerships (ACP) team will handle all customer contact with airlines, cargo partners, handlers and stakeholders related to airport processes.

The management team of ABD consists of:
• Anne Marie van Hemert as Senior Manager Aviation Business Development
• Hélène van Riemsdijk-Schouten as Manager Airline & Cargo Partnerships
• Michael Arntzen as Manager Forecasting, Analysis & Capacity Management
• Stefan van der Weide as Manager Cargonaut (from 1st of June)

Please approach your usual contact from the former Cargo Team, who can inform you who to contact in case of their departure. If applicable, we will make sure to inform you about any changes that may apply to you in due time. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at cargo@schiphol.nl if you are not sure who to contact.