The Milkrun originates from the constant need for optimisation of the air cargo supply chain. There is a lot of inefficienty in “On Airport Transport”. Most forwarders arrange individual transport at Schiphol, which leads to too many trucks, with an average load factor of less than 25%.

By combining freight of multiple forwarders and delivering these in a “Milkrun”, less individual transport is needed. This results in a reduction of truck movements at the ground handler, a faster and more reliable way of freight delivery and less CO2 emissions. In all, a more environmentally friendly transport system.



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Milkrun Import: Achieving community objectives through closer cooperation in the air cargo chain | Cargo Magazine

June 29th, 2021|0 Comments

It is already a good five years since the Milkrun Import project was awarded Schiphol Airport’s Cargo Award. The experience gained in that project has been used in the development of Milkrun Export the pilot of which commenced last summer. Cargo Magazine talked to two of the initiators, Jeroen Giling of Swissport and Dimitri Brink of DHL Nederland over the [...]

Project support

This project is implemented  jointly by ACN and Schiphol Group. ACN carries the project management.

This includes informing the market, preparation of reports, support and operational execution.

For more information contact Thierry Huizing via


What is the Milkrun?

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Benefits of the Milkrun

      • CO2 reduction
      • Optimisation of the supply chain
      • Reduced number of truck movements at ground handler
      • Forefront in Europe
      • Truck planning is executed by the ground handler, less storage costs, uniform cost structure per kg
      • Transparant system, KPI management via Milkrun Portal
      • Faster throughput, decreased chance of damages at ground handler
      • Improved load factor (currently <25%)

Participants of the Milkrun project

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  • Milkrun
Apex Global Logistics (NL) B.V.
BBV Logistics Support
Nippon Express (Nederland) B.V.
QCS – Quick Cargo Service BV
Schiphol Group
Swissport Cargo Services