Airport business partners praised for innovation performance

 The annual Schiphol Aviation Awards were awarded today amid great interest. Chief Commercial Officer Maarten de Groof and Chief Operations Officer Birgit Otto announced the six winners in the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Each year, Schiphol presents aviation awards to business partners who have distinguished themselves through their innovative business operations or positive performance. De Groof: ‘As Schiphol Group we are proud to work with so many innovative and enthusiastic business partners day in day out.’

The ceremony included a few words about the airport’s 100th anniversary. None other than Dutch aviation pioneer Anthony Fokker (played by actor Ab Gietelink) guided the guests through the history of civil aviation in the Netherlands, Europe and even America. Birgit Otto: ‘Our business partners are pioneers in a way, too. They seek connections, dare to go against the current, look ahead and inspire. They see opportunities that others might not see.’

Cargo Award 2015

The Milkrun initiative – committing to greater efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions – demonstrates entrepreneurship in innovative services. This initiative was conceived in the Cargo sector and is specifically for the Cargo sector. Schiphol applauds this initiative and hopes it will motivate other parties to follow suit.

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