The Dutch Cabinet has announced a reduction from 32.000 to 29,000 and has even suggested a further reduction down to 27,000 and 25,000 flight movements during the night at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This proposed reduction in the number of night flights is seen by the Dutch Government as an effective measure to limit noise nuisance and thereby improve the night rest of local residents. We strongly doubt whether sufficient analysis has been carried out with regard to possible measures in terms of aircraft noise reduction at source, spatial planning and management, as well as noise mitigation operational procedures.

We – ACN, BARIN, IATA, DHL, EEA, FEDEX and UPS – strongly doubt that the proposed reduction and the process proposed to achieve a reduction in night movements is compliant with EU Regulation 598/2014, the ICAO Balanced Approach and the U.S.-EU Open Skies Agreement. In this letter to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure we explain that the Dutch authorities are not only bound the Balanced Approach through Regulation 598/2014 but also by international law.