Taking digitalization to the next level

A high-level introduction of IATA ONE Record: why ONE Record, what is ONE Record, what has ONE Record achieved so far, and what’s the next step. The e-freight program has set the foundation for the digitalization of the Air Cargo industry and the e-AWB is now used for more than 2 out of 3 shipments. This is a signal that the industry is ready to take digitalization to the next level. ONE Record is a standard for data sharing and creates a single record view of the shipment. This standard defines a common data model for the data shared via standardized and secured web API. The vision for ONE Record is an end-to-end digital logistics and transport supply chain, where data is easily and transparently exchanged in a digital ecosystem of air cargo stakeholders, communities and data platforms.

Online Seminar
23 Juni 2021
14.00 – 16.00

Short welcome and introduction to the seminar
Mr. Maarten van As, Managing Director Air Cargo Netherlands

Keynote: Introduction to One Record
Mr. Henk Mulder, IATA Digital Cargo Team

The ONE Record Experience at CCS UK
Mr. Malcolm Fowler, CCS UK User Group

The Heathrow Pilot project and next stages

One Record Application, API’s and Transition to One Record
Mr. Pramod Rao, CEO Nexshore Technologies

Wrap up and Q&A session

Registration: info@acn.nl