You certainly do not want to miss this event!

BARIN is thrilled to have such an excellent line-up of speakers in our webinar “Cleared for Take-off, a safe restart of travel”.

A webinar about the re-start of travel and our industry; the recovery we all look forward to!
We do know -with clear evidence- that when travel restrictions are relaxed or even better removed, there is a strong eagerness to start travelling again.

We will discuss the challenges of our industry with a fascinating panel in the Studio of RTV Film Productions in Hilversum, on June 16th, with renowned speakers:

Alex Dichter and Sybren Hahn of McKinsey & Company will provide travel outlook, forecast and perspectives during the webinar.

Date: 16th June, 16:00-17:15 hours

• 15:55 Virtual walk-in
• 16:00 Welcome and opening by Marnix Fruitema / Introduction by McKinsey & Company
• 16:10 Panel discussion on Topic 1: The time that was?
• 16:25 Panel discussion on Topic 2: A new era?
• 16:40 Panel discussion on Topic 3: Accelerating the sustainability agenda?
• 17:00 Q&A session
• 17:15 Conclusion and close-off

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The link to attend the webinar will be sent to you on Monday June 14.