Willie Walsh, Director General IATA

IATA has reported in its latest market analysis that cargo volumes increased in August 2021, compared with pre-Covid levels (August 2019), and the outlook remains positive.

The association said global air cargo demand, measured in cargo tonne-kilometers (CTKs), was 7.7% higher in August this year than pre-Covid levels (August 2019).

Meanwhile, global air cargo capacity in August this year, measured in available tonne-kilometers (ATKs), was 12.2% lower than pre-Covid levels.

Industry-wide cargo load factor in August this year reached 54.2% — 10 percentage points higher than August 2019.

The association suggested that economic conditions “continued to support air cargo growth”, but were slightly weaker than in the previous months.

“For now, the outlook for air cargo business remains positive, but growth in some of the key demand drivers has slowed recently and pandemic-related constraints have increased pressure on available cargo capacity,” IATA said.

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