Are our customers happy with air cargo?

IATA launches the 4th Global Shipper Survey with a focus on Sustainability

Since 2015, the IATA Global Shipper’s Survey has asked shippers about their perceptions, experiences, and expectations when using air to transport their goods. Their input helps IATA and its airline members to understand their customers better and improve their service.

IATA is launching the 4th edition of the survey to keep growing our knowledge of our customers’ needs and see how these are evolving. Shippers are also asked to provide their input on what are the main advantages of using air cargo, which areas they would like the industry to improve, and what is their current level of satisfaction. In 2019, customers rated a seven out of ten on their satisfaction with air cargo, and 16% of them declared to be very happy.

The questionnaire takes less than ten minutes to complete, and the aggregated and anonymous outcomes of the survey will be published and shared with the industry at the next IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in London next September.

We encourage all industry stakeholders to circulate the survey to their customers.

Focus on Sustainability

This year, shippers whose business is being impacted by sustainability requirements and customer and regulator demands will have the opportunity to answer specific questions about how this affects them and their expectations.  IATA aims to get more information on what services are essential for shippers when evaluating and reporting on sustainability and whether air cargo is serving their needs adequately.