Cargo is certainly not neglected or by-passed in Schiphol Group’s new organization, claims Anne Marie van Hemert (AMVH). She made this statement in response to accusations by Air Cargo Netherlands that air freight was being neglected at Schiphol.

Mrs. van Hemert heads the Aviation Business Development department, which includes the responsibility for cargo at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. She just wants to be allowed the time to do things properly.

CFG: Mrs. van Hemert, do you understand the concern of the cargo community, voiced by ACN, that cargo may be overshadowed in this larger process, playing only the second or even third fiddle at Schiphol?

AMVH: We talked with ACN only last week, and partially I understand their complaints, but partially I don’t. Perception is, of course, very important. They have the perception of a cargo business which is not a separate unit, whereas we feel that you cannot function as an isolated island, which will never give you the kind of executional power you need. Personally, I think that we are much better organized to have that executional power.
Of course, there are a lot of concerns within the community. Some of them are from before my time and I cannot solve them. I try to lend them an ear and together with the team we will investigate what these concerns are.
We will have to rebuild trust and we are working on that. The slot pool is one of those concerns and we want to proceed in this respect. Steps are being taken, but they need careful attention and preparation. It is high on the agenda of the group management as well, but there are other parties involved, such as The Hague (NL government) and the EU. All we can do is provide arguments. The proposed local rule will, at least, offer a partial solution, but it will not be a substitute for the slot pool.

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