Not many know that the Schiphol Airport is located at the bed of the Haarlemmer Lake, more than 4 meters below sea level. It is one of the world’s most low-lying airports but also the oldest to occupy the same location. The Schiphol Group was also awarded a royal seal in 2016 on completion of its 100 years and has a special training plane for firefighters called ‘The Firefly’. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is also a Main Port/Mainport i.e. a hub for many different modes of transport including cars, lorries and trains as well as planes. Every runway at Schiphol has its own name and technical code wherein, the numbers in the code indicate the location of the runway. Interesting, right? We got in touch with Roos Bakker, Director of Business Development, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Cargo and asked her about the other interesting facts and figures about the Airport.

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