Air cargo volumes declined 8% year on year in October – the eighth consecutive month of decline – and the outlook is equally downbeat.

According to Xeneta-owned CLIVE Data Services the market outlook “remains uncertain” and there is also nothing to indicate an upturn next year from its weekly market data.

There is  “no indication there will be a peak” during the traditional Christmas peak weeks, said CLIVE.

The drop in demand, measured in chargeable weight, was also 3% below the pre-pandemic level in 2019.

Compared to last year’s levels, global air cargo capacity continued to recover in October but at a slower pace and remained 7% below the pre-Covid 2019 level.

This contributed to a more subdued ‘dynamic loadfactor’, CLIVE’s measurement of airline performance based on both the volume and weight perspectives of cargo flown and available capacity.

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