The latest data form CLIVE Data Services and TAC Index suggests that in the last 10 months, global air cargo volumes have recovered to pre-Covid levels, demonstrating the “robustness” of the market and “a recovery that airline passenger departments will be dreaming of”.

In its February 2021 report, analyst CLIVE Data Services compared this year’s figures with those in 2019 and 2020 to give “meaningful perspective” on the impact of and recovery from Covid — particularly in light of “Chinese New Year (CNY) and leap year variances”.

Air cargo capacity in February 2021 was 8% lower than 2019 and 5% lower than in 2020.

Last month, CLIVE’s dynamic loadfactor — calculated on both the volume and weight perspectives of cargo flown and capacity available — was up 5 percentage points on February 2019 and 9 percentage points higher than same month in 2020.

The overall dynamic load factor of 69% was at the same level as January 2021. Meanwhile, month-over-month volumes climbed 7% despite February being three days shorter than January, as capacity rose 5% over January.

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