Abbreviations and Terms:

AaE                                       Arrival at Exit

ACMI                                    Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance

ACN                                      Air Cargo Netherlands

AEO                                      Authorised Economic Operator

AIP                                        Agrarisch Import Platform

AWB                                     Air Waybill

BPVS                                    Beveiliging & Publieke Veiligheid Schiphol

CCC                                       Customs Cargo Centre

CCS                                       Cargo Community System

CIE-mail                              Customs Inspection Export-mail

CIL                                         Customs Inspection Location

CLECAT                               Europese koepel van expediteursorganisaties

DGVS                                   Documentloos Goederen Volgsysteem

DSI                                        Douane Sagitta Invoer

DSU                                      Douane Sagitta uitvoer

e-AWB                                 Electronic Air Waybill

ECAC                                    European Civl Aviation Conference

eCCC                                    eCargo Customs Control

eCR                                       eCargo Receipt

ECS                                        Export Control System

EDI                                        Electronic Data Interchange

(EDI-agreement:  e-AWB overeenkomst tussen expediteur en carrier conform RP (Recommended Practice) 1670 van IATA)

ENO                                      Export Notification

EU                                         Europese Unie

FFM                                      Freight Flight Manifest

FHL                                        Freight House List

FIATA                                   Wereldwijde koepel van expediteursorganisaties

FSU                                       Freight Status Update

FWB                                      Freight Way Bill

FYCO                                    Fysieke Controle

HAWB                                  House AirWaybill

IATA                                     International Air Transport Association[1]

JIC                                         Joint Inspection Centre

KMar                                    Koninklijke Marechaussee

MAWB                                 Master Air Way Bill

MRN                                     Movement Reference Number

NCTV                                    Nationaal Coordinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid

NRFC                                    Not Ready For Carriage

ODB                                      Overleg Douane Bedrijfsleven

RfC                                        Ready For Carriage

SCO                                       Safe for Cargo

SLA                                        Service Level Agreement

SPX                                       Safe for Passengers

TaE                                        Trader at Exit

TSA                                       Transport Security Administration

ULD                                       Unit Loading Device

WLS                                      Waarschuwingsregister Logistieke Sector


[1] IATA has an online list with frequently used abbreviations in the airline industry: