The Netherlands Cabinet has announced a gradual incremental reduction in flight movements during the night at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to 29,000, 27,000 and 25,000.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has requested Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL) “to indicate, in conjunction with the rules and procedures around slot allocation, how to come to a reduction in the number of night movements and the hereby associated slots.”

Air Cargo Netherlands (ACN), as one of the stakeholders, was consulted in the preparation of this report. We approached a number of airlines and integrators (ACN members) at Schiphol and asked them in confidence which night flights they ‘needed to have’ (and therefore that could not be moved) and which were ‘nice to have’ (thus ones that with specific agreements and conditions could be moved to the daytime). We discussed these findings with ACNL.

This line of thought has been included in the final version of the report (paragraph, in Dutch only).

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